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Early back in my teens, I was first given my first model as a Christmas present and from there I was hooked! I continued adding models to my collection through the years, always wondering what it would be like to produce a scaled replica of a truck I have seen on the road.
With years of experience in the buying and collecting market and twenty years experience driving trucks all over Europe, we established the business in 2009, and in 2011 become a company in our own right with the rights to commission 1:50th Scale Diecast Model trucks with WSI Models BV.

ArJay HOBBIES – THE BACKGROUND ArJay Hobbies is an internet-based vendor created by Richard Reynolds, a modeller of some 30 years experience whose passion is military aircraft.
Over the years his builds and reviews have appeared in a number of magazines, books and internet review sites.
Richard wants to bring a carefully chosen range of quality kits to the market, with the emphasis on "the good stuff" - offering only kits that he would choose to build himself.
Rich is assisted by Frank Reynolds, an aviation modeller who built his first kit in 1958 and believes that his total builds now exceed 750.

CASH4YOURBOOKS is a fast and easy way to turn old books into CASH.
Whether you are cleaning out the garage or repurposing your library, we offer an expedient means to putting your books cash value back into your pocket.
We provide onsite packing and loading service for large collections.
You receive payment within 3 weeks.

Over 20 years in the book business, The Company has been a family owned business since it's inception.
We now have four bookstores and determined to provide the community with better prices and treatment for the printed word and knowledge that only a book can offer.

The Vallejo Company was established in 1965, in New Jersey, USA In the first years the company specialized in the manufacture of Film Color, waterbased acrylic colours for animated films (cartoons).
In 1969 the company moved to Spain; in those years many important cartoon studios were based in Europe.

The special qualities and unique formula of Film Color soon became known, and the product was used by most of the important studios on the continent.

Do you know what Warhammer 40K Yogi Bear, Dungeons & Dragons, and the Flintstones have in common? Vallejo, the best acrylic paint manufacturer in the world.

Tradition of London offer a world wide mail order service!
All our Toy Soldiers and Model Figures are Handmade in Nottingham, England
Tradition of London are today sending all orders from Stockholm, Sweden
Some photos from Tradition of London Showroom/ Stockroom are available on the website
Väringgatan, Karlberg, Stockholm, Sweden
you are welcome to come and visit!
Tradition of London offer a world wide mail order service!
All our Toy Soldiers and Model Figures are Handmade in Nottingham, England
Tradition of London are today sending all orders from Stockholm, Sweden
Some photos from Tradition of London Showroom/ Stockroom are available on the website
Väringgatan, Karlberg, Stockholm, Sweden
you are welcome to come and visit!

ABOUT US Amerang have been supplying the hobby and collectable trade with a broad selection of the world's finest products from the biggest brands, since 1982.
We are continually updating our products, keeping ahead of trends and demands.
With a broad selection of collectable die cast vehicles, radio controlled gadgets, model kits and a vast selection of TV, Film and comic related licensed products including The Avengers, Iron Man, Batman, Guardians of the Galaxy and Star Wars, our ranges cover everything from pocket money toys to high end licensed collectables.

We are a family company which was established as a result of our great hobby for modeling and interest in aviation as well as its history.

Our goal is to share and distribute our interests.
We have been dealing with modeling for years (which is confirmed by numerous successes in various competitions (Euro Militaire and Model Scale World in Telford), so we do know how addictive an activity it is, and how much joy and rest it brings in everyday life.

We approach our business with great commitment and joy arising from the possibility of combining work with private interests.

KING & COUNTRY was founded in 1983 in Hong Kong by two expatriate Scots, Andy C.
Neilson and Laura McAllister Johnson.
Andy, a former Royal Marine Commando had been interested in and collecting toy soldiers since a young boy.
Laura provided the solid business background and support for the company.
From humble beginnings, KING & COUNTRY has developed into one of the world's major designers and producers of all-metal, hand-painted 1:30 scale military and civilian miniatures.
In addition to their metal miniatures figurines, the company has also produced an amazing and expanding range of scale model buildings, fighting vehicles, ships and aircraft, from a wide selection of wood, metal, polystone, resins and other mixed media.

I fancy carrier-borne aircraft and some other airplanes too.

CtA began out of my desire to build USMC Recon Phantom.
I bought 1/72 Fujimi kit without decals and had no other choice than draw and print decals for RF-4B myself.
And than I thought that if I like these decals for my Phantom, may be other Modellers also would need them? I must give everybody a chance! Here you can find both my offer of home-made laserprint decals and other decals sold under CtA label.
To be continued.

Global Manufacturer of Solder Assembly Materials
A global company with Canadian roots, AIM has been a leading manufacturer of high-quality standard & custom industrial-grade metals and alloys for casting, plating, soldering and other uses since 1936.
AIM is ISO9001 certified with manufacturing, distribution and support facilities located throughout the world.

AIM's success is a result of our understanding that customers need more than just a quality product.
They require service and support every step of the way.

Since its founding in 1989, Special Hobby has evolved and is still developing.
They react to the changing conditions on the market and also to the demands and wishes of business partners and modellers.

Today, Special hobby makes injected model kits in the following product lines: Special Hobby (aircraft), Special Armour (military vehicles) and Special Navy (ships and submarines).

The CMK product line makes resin accessories, models and figures not only for Special Hobby but also for kits of other brands.

The Chicago Toy Soldier Show premiered in 1980 as a spinoff of the hobby publication, Old Toy Soldier Newsletter (OTSN), which began publication in the mid-1970s.
The five founding OTSN partners—Steve and JoEllen Sommers, Joe Wallis, Don Pielin, and Roger Garfield—envisioned a publication dedicated solely to the toy-soldier-collecting hobby.
Collectors were enthusiastic about the venture and suggested a Show of their own.
When first founded, the Show was primarily a showcase for vintage and antique toy soldiers and related items.

Imperial Miniatures produces white metal 54mm scale miniatures for collectors and hobbyists.

We offer spare parts to repair a wounded ‘old soldier', castings to paint yourself and complete sets or dioramas painted to your own individual taste; both boxed and unboxed to suit your needs.

Our ranges are drawn from the "All the Queen's Men" ranges produced by Derek Cross until 2007 and the "Dorset Model Soldiers" ranges produced by Giles Brown until 2016.

Please see the ABOUT US page for more details on Mike Lewis who runs Imperial Miniatures and the history behind our figures.

Our retail shop is located in the Hamlet of Bailieboro, Ontario.
Located just off of Peterborough County Road 28, 15 minutes south of the City of Peterborough, and 15 minutes north of Hwy 401 (take the Peterborough turnoff at Port Hope), we have 304 sg.
ft of display space where you can see our large selection of military action figures, military miniature figures as well as die-cast military vehicles and aircraft.
Our shop is open Friday through Monday from 10 am until 5 pm.
We do recommend phoning if you are planning on coming any distance as we are occasionally closed for trade shows and holidays.

Amati has always been attentive to the needs of the market.
The best confirmation is in the coherent certificate of excellent quality of our models, our tools and our figures: an accuracy that is essential in miniature reproductions.

Inside the packages of the naval models, assembly plans and exhaustive instructions follow beginners and more expert modelers step by step, for programming the hobby, with the pleasure of manual skills.

Founded in Turin in 1879, the Amati company is initially known as a specialist in the art of tunneling.

Our decals are printed by well-established and most prominent decal printers in the industry.
They are extremely thin, strong and with a minimum of carrier film very easy to apply.
The difference between 32nd and 35th scale is for this size of details quite insignificant, so feel free to apply our label and stencil decals in order to enhance large scale airplane cockpits as well as all military armor kits.
Resin parts
Ultra high quality 3D printed resin parts.

Plastic model kits, hobby supplies, decals, paints and more.

Welcome to Thunderbird Models, stocking a wide selection of model kits and hobby products.

Producers of the Thunderbird Models line of civil aviation decals, paint masks and resin accessories.

Shipping to the UK and the rest of our little blue planet.

Scale plastic model aircraft, AFVs, cars, ships, science fiction and science fact.
Decals, paint, tools and accessories.

About Thunderbird Models
Formed in England in 2010 as an online retailer of plastic models and hobby supplies, Thunderbird Models released its first own-brand decal sheet in 2013.

Treefrog Treasures Military Miniatures
Bring Your Love of History to Life!
Offering the finest in military miniature soldiers.

Why collect toy soldiers?
People collect military miniatures and diorama supplies for all sorts of reasons.
Some have a love of history and enjoy re-creating it.
Others collect to honor those who have served in the military.

We keep an extensive archive of past and present military miniatures catalogs, as well as information from leading brands: King & Country and W.

Manufacturing resin and white metal parts for scale model aircraft since 1990.

We manufacture a line of white metal landing gear for 1/18 to 1/144 scale aircraft.
Some sets consist of the main gear only while others include the nose gear, tail gear and/or adjacent related components.

Some inaccuracies in the original kit gear have been corrected but the mounting points remain identical to the factory parts.
With numerous sets we have not sought to duplicate non load bearing component parts where the factory plastic parts are reasonably accurate .

Meridia Hobby is a web based organization operating by aviation enthusiasts, plastic modelers, book authors editors as well as publishers.

Meridia Hobby was primarily formed to offer all that concerning the "pictorial world" of military aviation.
We are specializing in aviation publications, color artworks, slides, prints, and decals.

We offer also a second hand items in our https://meridiahobby-container.
com/2nd-hand-stuff web page, where you could find decals, sheets, books, and other stuff which are hard to find because not longer available or definitively out of prints.

All our figures are precision crafted hand painted limited editions.
Proudly formed in 2009 we have established ourselves a niche in the market place for the discerning collector.
Since our inception Gunn Miniatures has expanded from its initial range of WW2 Germans to now cover American, British and Soviet figures from that period with much more in the pipeline.
At the same time we have launched a Napoleonic, WW1 and an aircraft range.
We only manufacture 100- 200 pieces of our figures and only a few aircraft are made on each production run.

If you are thinking of selling your collection and don't have the time to sell the models individually yourself and would like to receive a firm offer rather than an estimate from toy auction houses then Andrew would like to hear from you.

Since childhood I have been an avid collector.
I initially collected coins and stamps, moving on to collecting diecast toys during my teens and then into adulthood.

Watching TV programmes like Lovejoy and Antiques Roadshow together with the collector within me sparked the desire to work in this field.

William Britain, W.
Britain or simply Britain's, no matter what we are called our name is synonymous with toy soldiers.
Since 1893 W.
Britain has been producing toy soldiers and military miniatures with attention to detail, quality and authenticity.
Each model figure is cast out of metal and hand painted to the highest possible standards.
Our ranges include traditional toy style figures in 1/32 scale (54mm / 2.
125" tall) and a large selection of realistic matte finished figures in 1/30 scale (58mm / 2.

Print Scale publishing group – production of high-quality decals.
We are a company of enthusiasts: press operators, designers, historians, which have come together for the purpose of production of high-quality decals for modelers.
We hope our products will win respect and repute among modelers in our country as well as beyond.
All business partnership propositions are welcome! Print Scale publishing group is interested in co-operation and partnership with all persons interested in creation of new decals: designers, modelers, historians, as well as with on-line stores and wholesale purchasers of our products.

Our innovative selection creates new possibilities
At MiniArt we take great pride in our choice of kits.
You won't find warmed-over remakes or run-of-the-mill models.
We take pains to select subject matter that has either never been done in a plastic kit, or has never been done to our high standards for quality and accuracy.
Our selective choices generate new opportunities for serious modellers to enrich their imagination.
Quality beyond the ordinary In creating tanks, armored vehicles and artillery, we cut no corners.

First Legion is truly a company of collectors for collectors.
Prior to First Legion we were collectors of figures from various companies, but none of them seemed to fully be able to meet our collecting desires.
We wanted superb quality, historical accuracy, and tremendous range depth to create the most intricate and accurate dioramas and wargames possible.
The problem was that this simply did not exist, even across many different figure makers.
It was because of this lack of suitable products that we decided we would go ahead and create our own company to make products how we feel they should be made.

ICM specializes in plastic model kits and the production of moulds.

ICM Holding is a Ukrainian manufacturer, working both for the national market and exporting to many countries in Europe, North America, Australia and Asia.

Our aim is to expand the popularity of scale modeling, and develop it as a serious hobby and interesting pastime for the younger generation.

We intend to reach our goal through the continual development and investment in the scale model market, both domestic and abroad.

Elenco completo delle fiere 2021
Nessuna data disponibile per il momento.
Importante: sia le date che le cittá sono puramente indicative.

Abbiamo riportato quanto gli organizzatori hanno comunicato.

Per avere conferma delle date, dei luoghi e degli orari.

King and Country
John Jenkins Designs
First Legion Ltd
Thomas Gunn Miniatures
Team Miniatures
Alexanders Toy Soldiers UK
Austin Miniatures
Black Hawk
Conte Metallo
Del Prado
EK Castings
First Legion Ltd
Forces of Valor
Frontline Figures
JG Miniatures Scenari
John Jenkins Designs

Via Guicciardini, 24 - Carpi
+39 059 699 788

Fine Quality Gifts, Replicas, Reproductions, Collectibles and Antiques.

Carter Store Presents Authentic Models Classic Nautical Gifts and Home Decor, Historical Reproductions and Decorative Arts, Museum Quality Art and Collectibles.
Authentic Models (AM) recreates historical and fine art classics from the 17th to 20th Centuries.
These objects are produced by Authentic Models using the same materials and construction techniques used to create the originals.
Artwork is hand-painted, models are hand-made, all are hand-finished in exceptional detail.

Modelsvit Balkans Ltd is a General partner and importer of Ukrainian brand "Modelsvit", specializing in production of unique Soviet warplanes scale kits and establishing itself as a quality leader in the "short run" production technology.

As a Trade representative of ModelSvit, our mission is to spread Our brand recognition Worldwide, providing to our partners profitable business solutions, good service and correct attitude.

In that regard, we are pleased to propose you the following benefits of doing business with us:
• Attractive discounts;
• Fast international delivery;
• Convenient online ordering;
• Variety of payment methods;
• Special product's offers, including exclusive scale kits on request;
• Marketing and advertising support;

If you're interested in a future partnership with us, please send us a request via the online Contact form, or reach directly our Sales Department by the following email:

The online store for plastic model kits, plastic figures and accessories
Hannants is a family business, established in Lowestoft in 1890 and now into the fourth generation.
We are modellers.
Your guarantee of service.

Our policy is to offer the largest range of kits, decals, accessories, paints, books etc.
from the main manufacturers to the smallest cottage industry supplier.
This is backed by vast stocks and a large staff so that we can give a quick turn round to your order.

At Historex Agents we pride ourselves in providing all our customers with the most prompt and professional service available.
If you require further assistance to your questions, please feel free to contact us in whichever way is most convenient for you.

Telephone Number: 01304 206720
Fax Number: 01304 204528

Wellington House
157 Snargate Street
Dover, Kent CT17 9BZ

Some questions:
Are you a model shop?
No, we are a mail order company.

At the very heart of Europe, there is the BALSAMODELS.
EU Company manufacturing balsa aircraft model kits and producing 3D and model designs for model manufacturers.

We are no newcomers in the kit production.
We are returning to the model sky after a few years of break.
Previously, these firms used to sell our products, for example:
Hobby-Lobby USA Kavan RC Germany Robbe Modellsport Germany Conrad Electronic Germany KDH Germany Modellbau Bichler CHK Modelle Germany and others Our offerings include or will include both simple and more complicated models, kits, and fully finished ARF models.

Maison Militaire is a UK based company established over 25 years ago, owned and managed by husband and wife team, Tina Packwood and Robin Kelly.
Robin has been a collector since the age of 13.
We are approved dealers of First Legion, King & Country, Tom Gunn, Black Hawk , Collectors Showcase and Conte.
We also stock W Britains and Forces of Valour.
Should you wish to view our ranges before committing to a purchase, you will find us at each London Toy Soldier show on the ground floor in the first hall on the left along most of the right wall.

We are an importer and distributor of plastic model kits, jigsaw puzzles and art and craft products in the UK.

Many weekly special offers, up to 40% discount We have been trading since March 2003 and our mission has always been to bring a wide range of kits to modellers which previously had not been accessible in the UK market.
We currently deal with over 400 retailers and are happy to announce this number is still growing!
We started out in a very small 1000 square foot industrial unit which grew into 3000 sq ft, 6000 sq ft and currently in our new warehouse we have 24,000 sq ft of floor space.

Eduard Model Accessories was formed in 1989 in the basement of co-owner Ctirad Kuraks house in Most, Czechoslovakia (now the Czech Republic).

Two years previous, Mr.
Kurak and Vladimir Sulc had started making photo etch for themselves and had decided that it was possible to sell to shops, so in 1990 the first photo etch, a 1/48th scale Su 25K, was produced for sale.

In that year many more sets were made and sales were so good that they moved into a proper office and opened up a production line in 1991.

Sprue Brothers Models, LLC sets the industry standard in service, selection, and shipping.

Sprue Brothers Models, LLC is your online source for military plastic model kits, related aftermarket accessories, reference items, tools and supplies.
We stock over 34,500 different items, with over 473,000 products ready to ship to our customers at any given time.
This gives Sprue Brothers Models, LLC the distinction of having the largest selection, by far, of any model shop in North America.

Our state-of-the-art, 20,000 sq ft warehouse/fulfillment facility is located in Liberty (metro Kansas City), Missouri, USA.

I love scale models since my childhood, it was almost a dream for me to get in the modelling business and connect personal hobby with professional occupation.
During my career I had designed hundreds of PE sets, decals, masks and colour instructions for plastic models for variety of producers (Eduard, MPM, Special Hobby, AVI Print).
You can easily recognize my work by signature - Dead Design.

In the beginning I will focus on items I know very well - the masks for canopies and markings, right now for subjects that were neglected or inappropriately designed by other producers.

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